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Trane Cemetery Grave Ownership

If your family have a Grave or Memorial at Trane Cemetery then please read the following information.
Extract from the Local Authorities Cemetery Order S10 (6)
“No body shall be buried or cremated remains interred or scattered, in or over any grave or vault in which an exclusive right of burial for the time being subsists except by, or with the consent in writing of, the owner of the right.
This paragraph shall not extend to the body, or remains, of:the person who immediately before his death was the owner of the right; or any other person specified in the deed of grant or in an endorsement thereon made at the request of the owner for the time being of the right by the officer appointed for that purpose by the burial authority
Therefore if the registered owner of the right is deceased no further burials or memorial work can take place without a new owner of the said right of burial being registered.
If you have a family grave at Trane it is in your interest to find out who the registered owner is, unless a re-registration has already occurred at some time in the past  then it will usually be the person named on the original receipt for the grave.  If the registered owner is deceased or you for any reason are unable to discover the registered owner then contact the Clerk to the Council who will be able to advise you on re-registering the grave.  All the contact details are on the Contact Us page
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