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next council meeting:
Thursday 14th September
Mrs Pauline Williams
Cllr. Cameron Wells
Cllr. Mr Austin Davies
Cllr. Mr Shawn Stevens
Cllr.Andrew Davies Jones
Cllr. Mr Dan Owen Jones
Cllr. Mrs Karen Webb
Cllr. Mrs Diedre Roberts
Cllr. Mr Danny Grehan
Cllr. Mrs Alex Davies Jones
Cllr. Mr Greg Powel

Community Council Profile

a printable version is available from the documents library

Tonyrefail Community Council was established in 1985, and the area is divided into the following wards: Collenna, Coedely, Penrhiwfer, Thomastown, Tylcha and Tyn-y-Bryn


1. To liaise with other tiers of Local Government, in the main Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council.
2. To maintain public footpaths
3. To bring to the attention of the relevant bodies issues of general environmental concern.
i). The dumping or rubbish
ii). Pollution of rivers by local industry
iii) Conservation of stone walls and hedges
iv). Sewerage entering rivers
v). Repair of walls and fences if posing safety hazards
vi). Derelict buildings
vii). Illegal use of garages for businesses.
viii). Control of stray animals.
4. To plan for the future development of the community taking into account the wishes and needs of the public e.g. Shopping development, accommodation, extra parks, amenities and leisure.
5. To ensure that safety standards are adhered to
i). No parking near school entrances
ii). Requesting double yellow lines to improve safety in certain areas of danger
6. To accommodate the provision and maintenance of:
i). TraneCemetery
ii). Bus Shelters
iii). Seating in appropriate areas.
iv). Handrails on footpaths and steps
v). Additional lighting where appropriate
vi). Local toilets
vii). Allotments
viii). Provision of Summer Flower Baskets
7. To liaise with other bodies
i). To meet with local Police on a regular basis to bring to their attention any problems
ie: traffic problems, illegal parking, air guns, underage drinking, glue sniffing and to co-operate
     as required when major events are held in the community.
ii). Welsh Water Authority to discuss any supply or pollution problems.
iii). Energy Suppliers on behalf of local residents.
iv). Local bus companies with any problems or public suggestions.
v). Health Authority to campaign against closure of local cottage hospitals.
vi). Education Authority to take an active role on the governing bodies of local primary and
      comprehensive schools.

8. Financial Grants – Each September the Community Council holds its ‘Grants’ meeting, and ‘Voluntary’ organisations are invited to apply for financial assistance. Forms are available from the website HERE and must be returned to the Clerk before 31st August.

9. Senior Citizens ‘Christmas Dinner’ For the last several years Tonyrefail & District Community Council has provided a ‘Christmas Dinner’ in Thomastown Social Club for 150 Senior Citizens.


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